From the office to the great outdoors, we believe every man deserves clothes that are functional, well-fitting and inspire him to climb a mountain on his lunch break.

Rugged Luxury (RUX) offers high quality fabrics, designed and sewn in the U.S., and we create them with the active professional in mind.

We're tired of seeing American dollars go to poorly made apparel from other countries with no fair labor practices and environmental stewardship. Our design philosophy demands that the production costs go into the garment itself, and not trans-oceanic shipping. We believe that when you're buying a product, you're buying the system that supports it.



Our pants are snag resistant and wearable for multi-use. They are stylish enough for the office and built tough for hiking, biking and everyday activities for the outdoor enthusiast.

Flexibility and Stretch

Our shirts are designed to be form fitting, not tight or lose. They are built for an active lifestyle.


Our shirts are made with Primeflex Merino Wool making the fabric soft and comfortable to wear.

Light Weight

No more bulky office trousers. Our clothes are light and easy to pack for a day's adventure or a weekend backpacking trip.

Sewn and Designed in the USA

We promote American efforts and support U.S. Labor.