Clothing as an Investment

Buying clothes has changed over the last 100 years. Many consumers today are conditioned to look for a lower price when shopping and purchasing clothes, with quality taking a back seat. Why do we shop for clothing that we expect to last only a year or two at most? Well made clothing will go beyond two years, possibly 5 to 10. Why stock a closet full of cheaply made clothes? It fills up our closets and increases our laundry efforts.

Instead, look for fabric characteristics that are durable and a brand with a solid warranty. All apparel starts with a main fabric. The fabric is the backbone of the garment. If you start with a low end fabric, no matter how well your garment is "designed" all you will have is a popular label and a cool looking design built with poor quality fabric.

Don't choose a designer or manufacturer that makes their first major decision on cost at the expense of performance and durability. Spend a few extra bucks to purchase quality clothing and look at the purchase as an investment...quality over quantity. #RUX #qualityapparel #qualityclothing #greatclothing #durableclothing #outdoorclothing #performancefabric #torayprimeflex #nuyarn #hikingclothes #mountainbiking #officetoourdoors


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